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Fulfilling. Aligned. Opulent. 

That's how your life should feel, and can feel. 

Many people ask me how did I make such big, bold changes in my career & become location independent...

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First off, let me say that I know exactly what it's like to lack confidence and feel uncertain about how to create change. 

The big shift for me happened when on one of my wonderous travels I met one of my first-ever successful freelance friends. This friend offered to help me with my first remote job application for a copywriting, editing & team management position. Yes, team management, you read that right. Although I had some experience in the editing industry, I had no previous experience with managing a copywriting team and editing their rather professional work. But, I said "what the heck," I CAN do this. 


My friend being a brilliant copywriter, helped me submit an absolutely killer cover letter and pass the copywriting test with flying colors. With his guidance, I immediately learned what would've taken me months, in a matter of hours. 

From that magical, life changing encounter of desiring something SO powerfully and trusting my gut, I felt the positive ripple effects of mentorship and the power it has to shift things - fast.

Especially when you're ready and willing to follow through on your desire, your vision, your talents. 

Creating a change is about putting in the hard work that is required, and having clarity and support on the way there. 

What we often don't see is that it only takes a 10% tweak in what we're already doing to see a massive difference. 

Personal coaching is for you if:

 You are thirsty with desire and ambition to do the work to get to where they want to be.

You know you're ready for it, but you need the strategies, guidance, and clarity. 


You're willing and excited to commit to a minimum of 3 hours a week of leveling up your skills, applying for jobs, or building your freelance career.  

We start with where you're at.

Investment: $45 for a 75 min consultation

In these sessions we go deep into practical business strategies as well as mental and emotional blockages. Every person is different, so we take a look at what you need.

What to expect:


  • review your current CV

  • go over how to optimize (or set up if you don't have one yet) your LinkedIn profile so that job offers come to YOU, and not the other way around

  •  write killer job applications

  • learn to talk like a pro and stand out in job applications and job interviews

  • create a powerful personal brand

  •  build your confidence 

  •  identify your strengths & weaknesses

  • set up an action plan if you're looking to switch careers

  • best job platforms for your career

  • career clarity & full support 

Ready to take the leap, lean in and get the support you need to make the changes you desire in your reality? 


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